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Fastest Labs Franchise is Expanding Its Footprint in Alexandria, VA!

Fastest Labs Franchise

Fastest Labs is excited to welcome the IFPG Consultant Candidates to the Fastest Labs family. They're ready to get started with their 1st of 4 locations.

The Candidates are married with two young boys (2 & 4 years old). As they both look ahead to franchising, they seek to make an impact in their communities by providing a solution and concept that nobody has ever seen before. Family means everything to them, and being closer to home is very important, especially at this point in the boys' young lives.

Franchise FastLane is so excited to be representing Fastest Labs. Fastest Labs is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States. They have been in business for over a decade, providing their clients with clean, fast, and reliable drug testing services. Franchise Fastlane is excited to grow Fastest Labs to 400 – 500 locations over the next few years and help build it into a dominant brand in drug and alcohol testing.