Consultant News

Fibrenew Franchise Comes to Tennessee with the Help of an IFPG Consultant!

This candidate was introduced to Fibrenew by an IFPG Consultant. This consultant who has been a leader in the franchising industry for years knew that Fibrenew had both the system and the support that his candidate was looking for in a business. That knowledge combined with an extraordinary relationship with the candidate made the introduction seamless and provided everyone with an extremely high level of comfort.

This candidate is going to be an amazing addition to the Fibrenew family. He’s a retired veteran who has worked in the logistics & transportation departments of Walmart and Walgreens. He has invested the past twenty years in these opportunities and is excited to take that knowledge and build a business for his family. He’s the newest Fibrenew expert serving his community and restoring leather, plastic & vinyl.

Fibrenew continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. After 37+ years in the industry, the formula at Fibrenew remains a simple one: Process + Product = Success. This is the formula that 292 owners in 6 countries have been following for decades and one that we are eager to share with your candidates.

Congratulations on a job well done!