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Fibrenew Franchise Joins the Scottsdale, Arizona Market


The IFPG Consultant Candidate has a background in chemistry and experience as a process engineer, technical writer, and teacher making her well-suited to operate a Fibrenew business. She was unhappy with the rigidity of corporate America and yearned for more autonomy.

The candidate has three children that are a big motivator for her, and she jumped at the opportunity to own her own business. She appreciated Fibrenew's five-step discovery process and noted that every step granted her further insight into becoming a successful entrepreneur! This IFPG Consultant Candidate is the perfect fit for Fibrenew in North Scottsdale, Arizona!

Fibrenew is the world's largest franchise in leather, plastic & vinyl Restoration. With 300+ Franchise Partners in 6 countries, 35+ years of history, and plenty of room for expansion, now is the time to look at the Fibrenew opportunity. Fibrenew continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. After 38+ years in the industry, the formula at Fibrenew remains a simple one. Process + Product = Success. This is the formula that 300 franchise locations in 6 countries have been following for decades and one that they are eager to share with your candidates.