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First Day Homecare Franchise Awarded in Phoneix, AZ

First Day Homecare Franchise

This IFPG Consultant Candidate is a highly motivated entrepreneur coming with years of healthcare-related administrative experience. He anticipates opening his First Day Homecare franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas in May.

The Candidate is very organized and has some healthcare-related experience, but most importantly, he is excited about First Day Homecare's mission to help as many medically complex infants and children receive in-home nursing care as possible. He recognized that First Day Homecare's pediatric Private Duty Nursing care service is something that no other franchise specializes in, and he saw that as a great opportunity in his area.

First Day Homecare is the first and only homecare franchise in the US that specializes in pediatric Private Duty Nursing (PDN) level care. This level of care is very rare; there are not many providers out there who know what pediatric private-duty nursing really is, which leaves a great market opportunity for First Day Homecare franchise owners. The best part is that franchise owners do not have to have any healthcare background or knowledge to open up a First Day Homecare location!

In addition to pediatric Private Duty Nursing level care, First Day Homecare franchisees will have the ability to offer traditional homecare services, Medicare Certified Home Health, and pediatric ABA therapy services as well.