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Former Professional Football Player is a new ISI® Elite Training Franchisee

ISI Elite Training Franchise

The new Franchisee was brought to ISI® Elite Training by an IFPG Consultant. The Candidate is a Former Professional Football Player with a determined plan to bring the people of his community the best workout. He came to Discovery Day with high energy, asked great questions, and was eager to experience every aspect of the day. Communication was always positive and revolved around ensuring the best decision was made in order for the Candidate to be successful. He is looking forward to opening his ISI® in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Franchisee was a great fit for the ISI® Elite Training Franchise because of his drive to succeed, positive energy, motivation toward health and wellness, and eagerness to make an impact in his community. He chose the ISI® concept because he wants to do right by his community and family. He wants them to be a part of something special that helps them be the best version of themselves, mentally and physically.

"These workouts pushed me to my limits, and I will be in tip-top shape in no time. ISI® is the place that will push you mentally and physically. The intensity and culture is excellent with everyone on board, and no one is settling for the bare minimum." -IFPG Consultant Candidate.