FUN BUS Welcomes Its Newest Franchisee to Texas!

Congratulations to FUN BUS' newest franchisee! He will have two FUN BUS territories in Denton County, TX!

FUN BUS is a children’s mobile fitness “gym on wheels” catering to children aged 2-7, with the mission of “driving young children to the love of fitness!” The FUN part of the name applies not only to kids who go crazy for their time on the bus, but also to the FUNtrepreneurs who are all excited to be able to bring some FUN back into their careers and entrepreneurial journeys.

Their unique buses are refurbished, retired school buses that have been transformed into safe, colorful and age-appropriate fitness buses for children ages 2-7. Whether we are bringing the FUN to weekly fitness sessions at daycares, with professionally developed lesson plans, or we are providing the FUN and entertainment at a child’s birthday party or special event, the children are always beyond excited to see the BIG GREEN BUS roll up with age-appropriate music, mini-fitness equipment, slides, swings, and fitness-focused games and activities to support appropriate development and encourage their love of making fitness FUN.

Their business model offers FUNtrepreneurs a quick start-up, multiple revenue streams, recurring revenue and strong scalability. Being mobile means low overhead, and quick ROI making it a very strong investment. And while the profitability is an attractive component of this opportunity, their FUNtrepreneurs seem to value most the great work/life balance and the positive impact they make on the lives of so many young children.

Congratulations on a job well done!


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