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Garage Force Franchise Awards Four Territories in Knoxville, TN

The IFPG Consultant and Garage Force had open communication with the candidate, leading to a streamlined Discovery Process. The process went so well, the candidate was so intrigued that he committed to Garage Force without needing to attend a Discovery day! 

"Garage Force and my consultant made this a really unique experience. I was allowed to attend as many calls as possible and felt comfortable with everything. What really put me over the edge was the Garage Force team. I loved the product but knew these guys would have my back!" - New Franchisee

These candidates have experience in the business management realm. They were a great fit because of their passion for the product and ability to scale a business. They love the home service realm and were true buyers of the product themself!

“We are the leaders in concrete coatings and garage renovation! We have the backing of the largest concrete coating manufacturers in the world!” - Caleb Kenner

Congratulations on a great placement!