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Gatsby Glass Franchise Awards Territory in Kansas City, MO

Gatsby Glass Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is married with two children and made a permanent move from the Northeast to Kansas City after years of frequent visits to the area. With a career spanning 25 years in various corporate sectors, he initially ventured into technology and business services before transitioning to roles within consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. For the past 12 years, his focus has primarily been on the food industry, particularly in procurement and corporate services encompassing I.T., marketing, and supply chains. Trained as an engineer, he also holds an MBA.

"The Candidate actively engaged throughout the process, demonstrating remarkable dedication. His consistent presence in validation calls and lunch & learn sessions was great! He posed insightful questions and listened attentively to queries from other candidate groups, fostering additional detailed discussions." -Gatsby Glass.

The Candidate was attracted to Gatsby Glass because they offer an array of support services provided by HorsePower Brands. The presence of current successful Gatsby Glass Franchisees within the ecosystem also contributed significantly to his decision-making process.