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Gatsby Glass Franchise Is Coming to Dallas, Texas


The IFPG Consultant Candidate comes from a consulting background where he helps businesses from a financial perspective. Before becoming a consultant, the Candidate worked within Asset Management and Investor Relations, which allowed him to learn how to scale and look at business operations that he could invest in and make money from multiple revenue streams. The Candidate is excited to bring Gatsby Glass to N. Dallas, Texas.

The discovery process with the Candidate was great! He was thorough and left no stone unturned, researching the products, vendors, referral partners, and so much more! The deciding factor for the Candidate was the commitment to excellence the entire Horse Power team demonstrated.

Gatsby Glass is a Premier Interior Glass Concept specializing in products such as Frameless Showers, Wine Cellars, Railings, Stairs, Countertops, and Commercial Glass Partitions. Frameless Showers and Doors is the FASTEST and LARGEST growing segment in the glass business, but being able to scale into other segments allows the company to have multiple streams of revenues.