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Grease Monkey Franchise Enters the Salem, Oregon Market


With over 40 years of experience in the quick lube industry and rapidly approaching 1000 Locations under the Full Speed Automotive umbrella, Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil continue to be great options for owner-operators and semi–absentee franchisees that are committed to excellent customer service.

The new Franchisee is a practicing attorney looking to increase his net worth on the side. He knew he wanted to get into something in the Salem, Oregon, area. He likes manager-run franchises. He likes the automotive space. He found Grease Monkey to be a compelling concept. Certainly, the brand's history was a huge part of his decision-making process. He spoke to many satisfied franchise owners.

Understanding that Full Speed Automotive has hundreds of corporate-owned locations, he realized the systems were in place to run his centers remotely. He is excited to see the Grease Monkey logo on the jerseys of his sons' sports teams as he engages in local marketing activities. The Franchisee signed up for 3 locations locking up the Salem OR market for Grease Monkey.