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Hawaii Fluid Art Franchise is Bringing Creativity to GA & SC

Hawaii Fluid Art Franchise

The IFPG Consultant referral is a high-functioning corporate employee. They were looking for an exit opportunity from the corporate world and wanted an ethical business. The Candidate was also interested in a semi-absentee model that could replace their current income.

The Candidate had a great discovery day with Hawaii Fluid Art. They loved the concept and corporate staff. They are looking forward to opening Studios in Athens, GA, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

"This is a product/service that EVERYONE can connect with, even if they are reluctant. The (corporate) staff is so helpful, honest, and not pushy. I've spoken to current franchisees who have validated this. We feel confident someone will be there to help us when we need it - even if it's just a pep talk on a rough day." -New Franchisee.

Hawaii Fluid Art is NOT your typical art studio! Don't think brushes; think cups of paint, canvases saturated in bright colors and sparkling metallics. Imagine the possibilities. Hawaii Fluid Art students leave with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts!

When you enter Hawaii Fluid Art, you will be greeted by a warm, welcoming staff. On the walls are colorful creations by local artists. The aesthetic is vibrant and magical. They feature art from local artists, artisans, and jewelry designers in their Art Gallery.