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HealthyYOU Vending Awards IFPG Consultant Candidate Five Machines in Lynn MA

HealthyYOU Vending

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is the newest HealthyYOU Vending operator in Lynn Massachussetts. The Candidate is a mechanical engineer as well as an electrical engineer with an MBA and looking for a business he could do on the side with his busy career - and HealthyYOU Vending fit the requirement nicely. He started his business with five machines that can be easily managed with less than 10 hours a week of attention. The IFPG consultant saw this as a fit and brought both parties together for a successful engagement!

The simplicity of HealthyYOU Vending was appealing, being that it is a non-franchise vending opportunity. That fact allowed the freedom to be an independent business owner without having to meet a franchise's registration, insurance, licensing, and other requirements.

This new operator funded his investment entirely with revolving credit – which is something that is allowed by HealthyYOU Vending. HealthyYOU Vending absorbs all credit card processing fees, so there is no extra cost for investors to use their credit cards. Besides the reduced complications because HealthyYOU Vending is not a Franchise - which makes showing their brand easy - investment decisions can be made in weeks, not months.