How to move people through fear into rational decision making

imageHere is a recording of a webinar for IFPG Franchise Consultants hosted by the IFPG and Joe Mathews. Advanced Coaching techniques for back end of the pipeline. We will address 3 proven techniques psychologists use to help people move through fear and concerns and into committed action. Remember, no one owns a business who didn't first own the process.

Three Topics we will cover:

1. Moving through fear and into action.

2. Uncovering and addressing hidden issues and concerns

3. Moving candidates from irrational thinking to rational problem solving.

Joe Mathews, Founding Partner of Franchise Performance Group

joe-mathewsJoe has more than 20 years of experience with such national chains as Subway, Blimpie, Motophoto and Entrepreneur's Source. Joe specializes in the area of franchisee recruitment, sales and franchisee performance. He is a regular presenter at IFA conferences and was an instructor with the ICFE (Institute of Certified Franchise Executives). Joe is author/co-author of four books, Street Smart Franchising with Don Debolt and Deb Percival, Franchise Sales Tipping Point with Thomas Scott, Developing Peak Performing Franchisees with Deb Evans and The Meaning of Life Project.