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iFOAM Franchise Welcomes New Franchisee to St. Louis, MO.

iFOAM Franchise

"This IFPG consultant is a true professional! Every one of the candidates he refers to iFOAM, I can tell has gone through an excellent process prior to speaking with me. He does a great job building relationships and supporting them as they evaluate franchise systems." -iFOAM Director of Development. 

The IFPG Consultant Candidate has a strong 30+ year background in manufacturing and warehousing industry team building. In his early career, he lived and worked in Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, where he worked for companies such as Coca-Cola Bottling of Las Vegas and Sierra Springs Water. He worked in sales and managed routes. He has worked in the chemical industry since 2015. He is currently The VP of Operations and Regulatory for TransChemical Inc. He is married and has four children. 

The Candidate was impressed with the iFOAM support team and the ability to grow and scale a business with both B2C and B2B customers. He loved the additional support and experience offered by Horsepower Brands and the ability to leverage a large parent company in building a franchise business. He is excited to open his new franchise in St. Louis, MO. 

iFOAM offers insulation services (Spray Foam, Blow in Fiberglass, and Cellulose) to both residential and commercial customers. With a large focus on the future of product of the industry - SPRAY FOAM.