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IFPG Consultant Brings Candidates to PatchMaster Franchise on an E2 Visa

PatchMaster Franchise

These IFPG Consultant Candidates are originally from Venezuela and immigrated to Australia's Gold Coast, where they became citizens. She pursued a career in marketing while he worked in operations and enjoyed surfing on the weekends. After COVID, the two decided to make a major change and relocate to the U.S. to be closer to family.

The IFPG Consultant walked them through the process of coming to the U.S. on the E2 visa program and helped them explore various opportunities that aligned with their skill sets. Very early on, they fell in love with the PatchMaster model; it was something they could see themselves doing, and they loved its simplicity. They moved quickly through the process, followed every step with enthusiasm, and signed an agreement days before flying to training in New Jersey. They were picking up their new work van with the ink still wet on the franchise agreement.

The pair headed back to Australia to meet with the embassy about their visa, with plans to return and open their new business in Broward County, FL, by August.

"The Candidates were an absolute pleasure to work with and will make fantastic PatchMaster franchisees."

These Candidates' complementary skills in marketing and operations make them a great fit. Their energy and enthusiasm will only further support their success. They loved the simplicity of PatchMaster, and it was something they could envision themselves doing. They quickly ruled out other models to solely focus on PatchMaster, and validation with the PM franchisees only further enhanced their excitement.

PatchMaster is a high-demand, niche-market business that does not have a lot of overhead. The investment is low, the margins are high, the ramp-up is short, and only a few complexities exist. Typical operating hours are Mon - Fri, 8-5 pm. Staffing is minimal. It's also a very necessary service, so while you have to market so people know you exist, you are marketing something people truly need rather than "selling "something.