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IFPG Consultant Candidate Finds a Match with Zoom Drain in CA

Zoom Drain Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is a fourth-generation Japanese-American citizen born and raised in Southern California. He admits that the traditional path of college never felt like the right route for him, and he found himself struggling in a classroom setting. The Candidate decided to join the Automotive Technology program at Cypress Community College, which ended up being a life-changing decision. Through the program, he found the direction he had been looking for.

Studying and learning became fun and easy as he got his hands dirty and learned the ins and outs of how automobiles work. The program helped the Candidate find an internship with Toyota, which ultimately led to a full-time career with Tesla, Inc. He has been working with Tesla for the past eight years and counting. He began his career as a service technician and now manages a team of technicians.

The Candidate and his mother will join forces and skill sets, working together to get their Zoom Drain business up and running in Lakewood, California. Providing a strong career path and opportunity for others is very important to the Candidate.

"I believe that Zoom Drain can offer more than a necessary service for my community. I truly believe that with Zoom Drain, and with the perspective towards the trades that my mom and I bring, we can create a career for a young person who might be in a similar situation to the one I was once in." -IFPG Consultant Candidate.