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IFPG Consultant Candidate Invests in HealthyYOU Vending in Dublin, Ohio

HealthyYOU Vending

The new business owner, a dentist, evaluated various concepts and ultimately identified HealthyYOU Vending as the ideal fit for his busy schedule and a business venture that could involve his wife and two children. He is excited to start this next chapter with machines in Dublin, Ohio.

Commencing with an initial investment that included seven machines and a SmartMart side vendor, he appreciated the model's simplicity and valued the comprehensive support provided through the lifetime coaching engagement. The flexibility to add the SmartMart side vendor as needed in a location was a key feature that appealed to him, and he received a SmartMart add-on with his initial investment, already envisioning how it could contribute to additional revenue.

Expressing enthusiasm for the focus on delivering healthy snack items through a straightforward distribution point, the business owner believes that people on the go can genuinely benefit from HealthyYOU Vending offerings.

The simplicity of the HealthyYOU Vending model and the potential for scalability over time make it an attractive option for individuals seeking a perfect add-on or side business.