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IFPG Consultant Candidates Secure Top Rail Fence Franchise in Nashville, TN!


Top Rail Fence is an emerging fence, gate, and rail provider backed by Homefront Brands. The IFPG Consultant Candidates understood, coming into the Discovery Process with Top Rail Fence, that they were going to be running an executive model business with a strong General Manager in place. The Franchise partners are equipped with an executive background in Professional Sports and Financial Advisory. These franchise candidates aspire to grow a BIG business in their market and bought five territories.

These IFPG Candidates were drawn to Top Rail Fence because of their aligned values. As a family business, the Candidates resonated with HomeFront Brands Family Values. Second, Big Business Builders. Homefront Brands and Top Rail look for candidates that aspire to build a big business in major markets.

They also liked the sub-contractor model, with a low inventory requirement. They feel this will create quick cash flow with minimal fixed overhead in the first few months of launch. They rated the Discovery Process as a 9/10, and Excellence was the Homefront Value that resonated with them the most.

Top Rail Fence has seasoned operational leadership, with the backing of Homefront Brands, delivering enterprise-level solutions to local businesses. Top Rail has great franchisee validation and significant exposure to HFB, Franchisees, and Top Rail leadership through the Discovery Process.