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IFPG Consultant Delivers a High-Quality Candidate to The Maids Franchise in NC

The Maids Franchise

The IFPG Consultant brought a very high-quality Candidate to The Maids in Charlotte, NC. The Maids team stated that the IFPG Consultant was also fantastic to work with throughout the process!

"Together, we were able to keep the prospect engaged throughout not only the Discovery Process but through a funding process that took longer than usual." -The Maids Team.

The new franchisee is stepping into the Charlotte, NC market, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. She has a competitive edge to her. The "say yes, and figure it out later" mentality. She chose The Maids due to the scalability of the model. She desires to open multiple locations across the South in the coming years, and this is a model that can provide her with exactly what she is looking for.

The Maids was founded in 1979, and today has over 1,300 franchised territories, employs over 3,400 people, and services over 40,000 homes each week. The Maids is a time-tested business model leveraging a unique cleaning system to the brand and the space at large. The franchise also tailors its sales journey to each Candidate specifically based on their situation.