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IFPG Consultant Sends Great Candidate to Naturals2Go Franchise in Carrollton, GA

Naturals2Go Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate was awarded four machines in Carrollton, GA, with plans to add 5-8 more within two years and ultimately own 15-20 and leave his corporate job.

"The proven program is what I am drawn to most with Naturals2Go. The coaching, location services, and training are setting me up from the start to operate a successful business. I look forward to learning and following the program to become a successful Naturals2Go owner." - IFPG Consultant Candidate.

This Candidate is a Sr Finance person at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. His career in finance has made him very comfortable working with multi Billion dollar companies, and he understands the inner workings of this industry. He chose Naturals2Go to create a supplemental income stream for his family that he can grow and then potentially exit from the corporate world. The added bonus is building an asset that he can pass down to his kids long-term.