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It's a 3-pack for Pulse Performance Franchise in Atlanta, GA

Pulse Performance Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidates are very accomplished executives who want to invest and build their own big franchise business in Atlanta. He is a business development executive, and she is an attorney. They love the wellness industry and fell in love with Pulse Performance due to its disruptive nature in the health/wellness space. They also loved JD, the Founder/CEO. They bought three territories to build in Atlanta, GA.

The 3-Pack Deal went as smoothly as possible with significant help from the IFPG Consultant's communication with the Candidates throughout the whole process. The consultant knew what the candidates were looking for and made the process very easy.

Pulse Performance is about unlocking your body's potential through technology-enhanced fitness and aesthetics programs that are quick, convenient, and impactful. Their innovative wellness programs paired with the EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) suit targets all layers of muscles at once to build and restore lean muscle mass. Whatever your wellness goal, they have customizable programs that drive results.

Electric Muscle Stimulation was pioneered in Europe, and there are over 1,700 EMS studios in Germany and Austria alone. The global muscle stimulation devices market is estimated to account for $912.1 Mn in value by the end of 2027. Reasons why it's effective: time efficient, faster results, a personal trainer, 92% muscle activation, zero impact, and increases lifespan.