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Kidokinetics Franchise is Keeping Kids Active in Tulsa, OK

Kidokinetics Franchise

After carefully exploring various franchise opportunities, the IFPG Consultant Candidates were captivated by Kidokinetics. They recognized the inherent value in providing children with exceptional physical education, especially considering their 4-year-old daughter, who possesses boundless energy yet lacks sufficient outlets to channel it.

As parents, they grappled with the predicament of enrolling her in repetitive 12-week activities focused on a single sport. It became evident that parents and schools yearn for a platform offering diverse options to invigorate their physical education plans.

Kidokinetics is a multi-sport physical education enrichment program delivered at schools, daycare facilities, parks, community centers, and private events. What makes Kidokinetics different? * Owner Operator, Semi-Absentee Model, and our NEWLY added Passive Model * Home-based, Low Overhead * Proprietary Business Management System and Sports Based Curriculum * Centralized Digital Marketing Support * Easily scalable, Low Investment for Multi Opportunities.

NOW is the best time to invest in a Kidokinetics and lock in multi-unit placements. REP'M would welcome the opportunity to present Kidokinetics to more IFPG Consultant candidates, and they look forward to more Deal Announcements!

Kidokinetics is an all-around sports fitness program for kids of all ages, offering local classes and camps in your neighborhood. The Kidokinetics business model provides a solid structure for you to operate and grow your franchise location while positively impacting children's lives. Make a positive impact on kids' lives and run a profitable business too!