Kitchen Refresh Closes a Deal in Colorado!

Kitchen Refresh is excited to announce a deal in Aurora, CO!

They currently have a 100% closing rate on their Discovery Day clients. Check out their three-tier initial franchisee fee structure - and attractive commission structures - to accommodate you and your clients regardless of their financial resources.

Their tiered initial franchisee fee structure is an opportunity for savvy brokers to work with Kitchen Refresh to close more deals with BOTH the potentially larger pool of clients who have less capital while also catering to the smaller pool of clients who are more capitalized, thus enabling brokers to close on a larger volume of deals.

Kitchen Refresh is a kitchen, bath, bar and related remodeling company that utilizes a space's existing cabinet boxes and simply replaces the doors and drawer fronts - along with new hardware and concealed, soft-close hinge - and also updating the cabinet boxes to a new finish. This approach saves clients thousands on their remodeling project. The home office manufactures the product from raw materials and supplies them to the franchisee. There are no royalties charged to the franchisee as the home office collects payment for the products manufactured.

Congratulations on a job well done!


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