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Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise Gets Stronger in Orlando!

Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate has an impressive 28-year career in the storage industry, culminating in the successful sale of his business to Public Storage. On the other hand, his wife has dedicated 25 years to data analysis for a law firm. Their willingness to dive into the nitty-gritty work is commendable. The Mighty Dog Roofing team is eager to witness their impact in the NE Orlando, Florida market!

The Candidates diligently navigated the discovery process, actively participating in weekly calls and consistently raising insightful questions. Over the course of the Discovery process, they engaged with numerous franchisees and built strong relationships with the leadership team. Their trust in the Mighty Dog team was why they chose to move forward with a virtual award even before reaching the Discovery Day stage!

"Overall, it was a very detailed, organized, and transparent process. Great variety of HBP leaders plus MDR leadership and franchisees represented on calls, in addition to support service verticals and external suppliers. This provided a wide view of what a new franchisee could expect. " -IFPG Consultant Candidate.

Mighty Dog Roofing has a total of 118 active locations, making a total of 410 sold territories!