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Mosquito Mike Franchise Welcomes New Franchisee in Utah!

mosquito mike franchise

Mosquito Mike is buzzing with excitement again as they welcome their newest Franchisees to the Mosquito Mike team. These IFPG Consultant candidates are the proud owners of TWO Territories in Northern Utah.

“My wife and I are now owners of a Mosquito Mike franchise, and we will never look back. This experience has been such an amazing ride. Being a part of the Mosquito Mike family for this short time has been amazing. Mike is one in a million. His hospitality, leadership, and drive are unmatched. Jim DelVecchio, our Mosquito Mike direct contact, was able to help us answer all the questions that we had in order to get us to the door to purchase this franchise. Although scary and a bit nerve-racking, the process that we went through to purchase this franchise has been very seamless. Everything was laid out before us, we know what we were purchasing and there were no surprises on what is expected of us to run this franchise.”

The husband is currently the COO and cofounder of Infuze Hydration. He also previously worked as a teacher, athletic director, and head football coach for Weber High School. He and his wife love the beautiful spring and summer weather that Utah has to offer. Many of their favorite things to do are enjoying sports, camping & hiking, spending time with their 6 kids, and enjoying the great outdoors with their dog and other pets. Both born and raised in Weber County,they are excited to bring mosquito and tick spraying services to the wonderful people of Northern Utah!

“The team at Mosquito Mike was a pleasure to work with. Jim and Mike were thorough and efficient and handled my client with care during the entire process. My client is a fan of the mosquito business and with the current BOGO offer—It was a deal he could not pass up.” IFPG Consultant

Congratulations on a job well done!