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Naturals2Go Awards 15 Machines in Boise, Idaho


The IFPG Consultant Candidate has great experience in management, twenty years in HR, and she spent the last seven years in sales. She understands business from all sides, likes to be actively involved, and to have "input' into the business and decisions.

"I've been evaluating the "idea" of vending machines for two years now, and I see this as a great vehicle to build an asset that my family and I can depend on. We plan on giving back to the community with Veterans groups or schools and are already involved with organizations that work with finding jobs for disabled vets. I am calling Naturals2Go my "Life Freedom Plan". -IFPG Consultant Candidate.

The Candidate and her husband are going to be using the business to mentor their son in business and to build a strong family asset and generational wealth.

The Naturals2Go offers a comprehensive "Turn Key" program offering Healthy Snacks and Beverages utilizing the latest technology in automated retail - Better known as Vending. Their mission: Helping Entrepreneurs achieve their dream of owning and operating their own businesses while helping the World eat healthier one "VEND" at a time!