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Naturals2Go Awards 20 Machines in Dallas, Texas!


Naturals2Go awards 20 new machines to a Dallas TX family, and they couldn't have done it without the help of the IFPG Consultant. Naturals2Go said, “The IFPG Consultant is a top-notch franchise consultant with over 15 yrs of experience. When he provides us with a candidate, they are always qualified and prepared to engage in our discovery process. Communication with him is always strong.”

The parents of the family have very successful corporate backgrounds and careers in the supply chain, global operations, and sales and marketing management. Their son is a recent business graduate from The Ohio State and has moved back home to help start the business. Both parents plan to provide  oversight and back-end operations while they let their son take the lead in running and growing the business.

The new franchisees liked Naturals2Go for many reasons. It offers a passive income business, with minimal employees that they could scale as they wanted, the ability to keep more of the profits with no franchise fees or royalties, a business that was simple to operate, and "both" needed the Tax 179 write-offs and benefits the Naturals2Go program offers.

“We feel that Naturals2Go will provide a great framework and support in helping us establish and grow a successful business in vending. We like the independence, the ability to give back to our community, the ability to include our family members, and the additional income the business will generate for our retirement income.”