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Naturals2Go Awards 4 Machines in Erlanger, KY

Naturals2Go Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate has a Master's degree and his undergraduate in Dietetics. He previously owned a successful food service business for ten years, with top revenues between $900,000 - $975,000.

The candidate researched several businesses and found that Naturals2Go provided the most flexibility, low employees, and scalability. He has a food service background and felt very comfortable in the industry. He is looking forward to applying what he already knows to his Naturals2Go business and running it how he wants.

"I want a business that makes me money while I am sleeping. Assets are the best path to long-term wealth. I am a very driven person and want to be successful in all aspects of life. Financial freedom gives you the opportunity to help others be successful." -IFPG Consultant Candidate.

This candidate plans to purchase eight more machines soon; in the long term, he wants to scale the business to 50-100 machines with a small crew.