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Naturals2Go Awards 5 Machines in Sunbury, Ohio

Naturals2Go Franchsie

Naturals2Go was grateful to the IFPG Consultant who brought them this Candidate. They said, "This IFPG Consultant does an amazing job with people because she cares about them. She is more concerned about doing what is right and getting them into the best-fitting business than anything else. That always comes through."

The new Naturals2Go owner was awarded five machines in Sunbury, Ohio, and plans to grow his business to 10-12 machines in the next two years.

The Candidate recently graduated from college with an MBA in sales and sales leadership. He has also run a landscaping business with a high school friend and currently has a corporate sales job. The Candidate had this to say about why he chose Naturals2Go.

"I'm interested in building a successful business that will one day allow me to leave my corporate 9-5 sales job. This industry and business program shows to be scalable and capable of outsourcing operator responsibilities. I have a strong focus on fitness and health and want to bring this to my local community. My end goal is financial freedom, and I believe being a Naturals2Go owner/operator is the right step towards that goal."

This proven program has a track record of success for its owner-operators. It includes a dedicated support team to assist with machine placement, site acquisition, installation, ongoing training, and mentoring for the entire duration of the program. The program offers a semi-absentee model, allowing individuals to maintain their current jobs while creating and building income and wealth. The business model is straightforward and can be operated from home, requiring no employees or overhead costs. There are no franchise fees or royalties, and owners retain 100% of the profits.