Consultant News

Naturals2Go Awards 6 Machines to IFPG Consultant Candidate in Findlay, Ohio!


"I see Naturals2Go as a business that will not only allow me to bring in income as I work but also become more valuable with the work and time that I put into it. I will be responsible for the choices that I make with my success being dependent on me, and Naturals2Go will bring me more enjoyment at work." - IFPG Consultant Candidate.

The IFPG Consultant Candidate has 30 years of experience in civil engineering, designing and managing programs and groups delivering solutions. He runs a very tight ship on projects and is very process oriented. These traits have led to a very successful career. Now he takes on his next adventure with Naturals2Go in Findlay, Ohio.

The Candidate knows that Naturals2Go will help him enter business ownership with a program that he can have "fun" running while working on learning and running the business. He is very people-oriented and wants to get "out" and run the business and get out from behind the desk. Naturals2Go also offers a long-term business solution that he can pass down to his son.