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New HealthSource Franchisees in Rockaway, NJ

HealthSource Franchise

The new Franchisees were introduced to HealthSource by an IFPG Consultant Candidate. Both Candidates came to the table with extensive experience in corporate America. They were looking for an opportunity that would allow them to apply their expertise to a business of their own. On top of their impressive resumes, their warmth and desire to help others made them an excellent fit for HealthSource.

The Candidates are so excited to join the HealthSource family and will be opening their first clinic in Rockaway, NJ.

HealthSource, America's Chiropractor®, offers patients a range of health services under one roof. At HealthSource, they have seven primary services that are aimed at meeting the unique health needs of all of their patients. These seven service categories create distinct revenue streams. The HealthSource model offers chiropractic care and adjustments, progressive rehab/active functional corrective rehab and supportive services, spinal decompression (next generation), high-powered photobiomodulation, a Wellness Club that creates lifetime patients, and HealthSource's brand of nutrition and products.