Office Evolution Franchise and an IFPG Consultant “Work Together” to Close A Deal!

Office Evolution, named the #1 coworking franchise in the nation, worked with an IFPG Consultant to get the deal done!

These franchisees were introduced to OE through an IFPG Consultant, and were attracted to their community culture, one-employee, manage-the-manager model. They were impressed with the intelligence, commitment, and positivity of their franchisees during validation, and felt confident in the support of the OE team after meeting everyone at Ohana Day. In their search for the right opportunity, they also wanted something that they could do together, and they found that their skillsets in advertising/marketing and real estate/financing, was complimentary – making Office Evolution the perfect fit for them. They are excited to start development, expand relationships, and connect with their community through their OE.

"Office Evolution is nation’s leading semi-absentee ownership, B-to-B franchise opportunities. Our offering is ideal for executives looking for supplemental income, long term investment, and an exit strategy from corporate life."- Emily Romero

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!


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