One Cannabis Closes Their First Deal with an IFPG Consultant!

One Cannabis has just closed their first deal with an IFPG Consultant!.

The Franchisee lives in Atlanta, GA where Cannabis is not legal.  He is looking at potential locations in Colorado, Michigan, and/or Massachusetts. The IFPG Consultant did a great job of making a perfect cultural fit and was patient and persistent as her candidate completed the ONE mutual investigation. He will self-fund his first unit and use a collective in personal contacts for investment into future units dependent on Cannabis licenses from state-to-state.  His ultimate goal is to have units operating and ready when Georgia legalizes Cannabis.

ONE Cannabis offers incredible potential rarely seen in franchising.  With that potential comes many complications to navigate but for the right candidate (good cultural fit, well-capitalized, in or willing to go to legal markets), the reward for your clients as well as brokers is unmatched.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!


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