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Opening Doors to Opportunity: Door Renew Franchise is in Boise, ID

Door Renew Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate works for Home Depot as a D.C. manager- the wholesale side of the company. He travels a lot and plans to keep his job and move his wife back to Boise, where they already have family. He will stay in Houston for six months until he can move to Boise. The Candidate is also retired military. They signed on for the absentee/investor model. His wife is an X-ray tech.

The Candidate has done some woodworking, so he is familiar with the process of what Door Renew does. He also knows what doors cost working for Home Depot, and he sees the value proposition to the consumer. He is also a very positive guy, and he said if he had to, he could manage this remotely.

"He sees the need for this in the Boise market, and it also gives him a reason to move back in order to be with his family and grandkids. He was very engaged in the process from the very start. He works a lot of hours and travels, but he made the time to go through validation and make every call with me" - Door Renew Team.

Door Renew focuses on refinishing wood and fiberglass doors with a focus on the Front Entry Doors. Their process will make the Door look brand new and is done at a fraction of what it costs for a brand-new front door. "At Door Renew, door and wood refinishing is our specialty; it's all we do."