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PatchMaster Franchise Brings New Franchisee to Miami, Florida.

PatchMaster Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate was feeling stunted and unhappy with their latest corporate job and was looking for a way to take control of their professional life and be directly responsible for its success. They did a lot of research and came very well prepared to all meetings to ensure they would find the right concept to move forward with.

The new owner was incredibly responsive and did a ton of research throughout the process. Florida is known for having strict licensing in some parts of the state, and he was able to navigate the waters exceptionally well, which proved very quickly that he would make an excellent fit with the PatchMaster family.

The Candidate is very organized with a 30-year professional data and financial analysis background. He wasn't satisfied with his previous position, and it needed to meet his high expectations, so he decided to take control of his professional life and start his own business with PatchMaster. He also sees a need for the PatchMaster service and loves the margins and ability to scale in the future!

PatchMaster is North America's #1 Drywall Repair Specialists offering high-demand drywall repairs, including texture and paint matching. Their Franchisees do the work that drywall companies, plumbers, electricians, and contractors don't want to do, filling a niche with homeowners and trade professionals across the U.S. Their low-investment business model combined with low COGS and no lease commitments allow for strong margins and the potential for a quick path to profitability. Validation is also top-notch since the PatchMaster Corporate Team provides excellent support.