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Payroll Vault Brings Franchisee to Castle Rock, CO

Payroll Vault Franchise

The IFPG consultant duo sent Payroll Vault a Candidate who is going to do amazing things with his new franchise in Castle Rock, CO. The Candidate has a strong background in Enterprise Sales, and the entire Payroll Vault team can't wait to see how successful he will be. 

The Candidate has a background in sales, is very personable, and is able to network and grow rapidly. The Payroll Vault opportunity was perfect for the Candidate and his wife. The business model aligned with his background in sales and his wife's background in marketing. 

 Payroll Vault is a customer-focused, full-service payroll company designed for small businesses. They help business owners be more successful by supporting them with payroll and workforce management services. All of their services are customized and provided in the local communities.