Redbox+ is Taking Out the Trash, Thanks to an IFPG Consultant!

An IFPG Consultant helped this new redbox+ franchisee find his next career move. He spent most of his career in international finance, and he was so motivated to move forward that he decided to forego Discovery Day and became a franchisee without even seeing the equipment in person. The redbox+ team was so impressed with this family that they were awarded a franchise after interview calls with the team.

His wife will help with the administrative side of the business while continuing in her current role. These new owners were instantly attracted to the redbox+ model due to the low employee count, easy ability to scale, absence of a retail lease, and a relatively rapid turnaround time from training to opening day. He said, “I immediately recognized that this business can be scaled without the headache of employees and the need for more real estate. That was the differentiator.”

Our IFPG Consultant shared, "The Fastlane team navigated this with ease, working through the complications of a Canadian citizen purchasing a business in the US. I could not be more excited for them!"

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!

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