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Schooley Mitchell Franchise Awards Territory in Memphis, Tennessee


IFPG Consultant Candidates lived in Switzerland for ten years, where they worked as scientists. They moved to Tennessee four years ago after he was offered an excellent job there. They have since become U.S. citizens and put down roots in Tennessee.

They are both still scientists and love what they do, but they also want to use their abilities to do something for themselves and build something to leave for their families. They were both very engaged during the discovery process, asking a lot of questions, and they were excited about Schooley Mitchell, as they already seemed to be thinking of ideas on who and how they could help.

Having worked as scientists in multiple countries, the Franchisees bring a unique background and a valuable skillset to Schooley Mitchell. They are passionate about problem-solving and optimization and highly organized, resourceful, and driven. These skills will suit them well in building their Schooley Mitchell franchise in Memphis, Tennessee. They want to build a solid, bright future for their family, with more control over how they live and earn their income. They believe Schooley Mitchell can help them achieve that.

In the current climate, Schooley Mitchell is an especially great option for those looking to invest in a franchise, as it is unaffected by economic conditions. When organizations are struggling, they need to utilize their services to survive. When they're growing, they need Schooley Mitchell's services to effectively expand their systems and processes cost-effectively.