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Senior Care Authority Franchise Awards Territory in Winston-Salem, NC

Senior Care Authority Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate was awarded the Winston-Salem market in North Carolina. He is a purpose-driven, accomplished business professional with a heart for helping others and passion to make a difference in the lives of seniors. He felt comfortable with the Senior Care Authority team and excited about the myriad of options to build his business, including robust marketing & technology support, multiple revenue streams to further scalability, and a culture that resonated.

A natural networker with decades of experience serving his community and working with seniors and the developmentally disabled, Senior Care Authority was a natural fit. The IFPG Consultant Candidate evaluated three concepts in his due diligence process. He chose Senior Care Authority because of the multiple revenue streams, in-depth training, robust Marketing & Technology, and overall culture of our corporate team and franchisees.

The IFPG Consultant was equally impressed by the overall experience stating, "It is such a pleasure working with Senior Care Authority! Not only are they very professional, they're also very human. They understand the needs and wants of my clients and strive to meet them instead of pushing their own agenda. They make sure that it's a fit for everyone. My clients tell me how much they enjoy the discovery & decision process of working with Senior Care Authority. They're persistent, not pushy, bold, not overbearing, and transparent, not reluctant. Often my clients choose Senior Care Authority over other similar franchises because of the reasons I've already listed. They also keep me in the loop during the whole process and even ask my opinion occasionally. I never have to chase them down looking for information. I recommend them to everyone!" - IFPG Consultant.

Senior Care Authority is a category disrupter with multiple revenue streams. 

1.    Placement Services: SCA helps families locate the best places to live and receive proper care for seniors. Franchisees are directly compensated by Assisted Living facilities (not the families in need) for placement services. 

2.    Exclusive Eldercare Consulting: Franchisees also generate revenue, privately paid by families, to provide them with advocacy and guidance in navigating the complex U.S. healthcare system. 

3.    Beyond Driving with Dignity Program: Services to help seniors with diminished driving skills.

4.    Exclusive EASE - Employee Assistance Solutions for Eldercare - Services providing comprehensive eldercare benefits for employers/employees.