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Shack Shine Franchise Continues to Have a Strong Year

Shack Shine's newest Franchise Partner, introduced to us by an IFPG Consultant was a chemical operator for 5 years. He also was smart with his money and invested in 2 properties, which provided him additional cash flow and one of which he sold to start his Shack Shine business.  

His biggest pain point was working 12-hour rotating shifts with no consistency so after putting the time in he was ready to make his next move to start a business for himself to control his destiny. 

What attracted him to Shack Shine was the support which was later validated after attending our Discovery Day but what really put him over the line was our new Payment Plan and Performace Guarantee: Click here to review.

What is Shack Shine?
Shack Shine brings together several fragmented industries under the innovative ‘house detailing’ category. You’ve heard of car detailing: when you pick up your car it’s shiny, looks like new, and you drive away feeling like a million bucks. Shack Shine does the same – but for the exterior of your home.