SPENGA Franchise is Riding, Repping and Reviving into Long Island, New York!

Spenga welcomes a new franchisee in Long Island, NY, the first two locations in the Greater New York City area!

Up until recently, was a financial services executive, the Chief Information Officer responsible for the P&L of alternative investments. Before that role, he was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan Chase working in their private equity arm and, at one point, was a foreign exchange trader for Austrian and Japanese banks. As the franchisee puts it, he's retiring from financial services, and he's too old to wait any longer to do the things he truly wants to do. He couldn’t have been more excited to join for SPENGA’S Discovery Day in Naperville, IL. Already loving the brand, he joined the two-day event where he got to experience the best workout ever and see the brand come to life.

Beyond the meetings, Discovery Day was a true SPENGA experience: touring our newest location, meeting the innovative leadership team and working out SPENGA style. SPENGA’S differentiation, strategically minded leadership team and buzzworthy workout made for an easy decision to join the SPENGA family.

Congratulations on a job well done!


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