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Stand Strong Fencing Franchise Expands into Provo, Ut

Stand Strong Fencing Franchising

Stand Strong Fencing stated that working with the IFPG Consultant Candidate was an absolute pleasure, and the Stand Strong team is looking forward to working with him in the future!

This IFPG Consultant Brought a Candidate to Stand Strong Fencing who has a skill set that aligns perfectly with the business model. The Candidate has operated a successful real estate company for the past decade. His expertise lies in training and overseeing sales personnel, making him an ideal candidate for Stand Strong Fencing.

The Candidate has a positive attitude and willingness to work through the Discovery Process. He actively participated in numerous weekly calls, immersing himself im the team dynamic and familiarizing himself with several franchisees.

At Stand Strong Fencing, they know that a new fence is about so much more than just privacy and security. Fences are a part of healthy, strong communities where privacy, security, and aesthetics are valued. With all of their fences, you get the Stand Strong Experience.