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Tech Leader Turned Franchisee: FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Moves into CO

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate, having accumulated 24 years of experience in leadership roles within prominent tech companies, made a strategic decision to depart from the corporate sector. This decision was driven by the desire to establish a franchise that could serve as a lasting legacy for their family, aiming to create a substantial financial stream and make a lasting impact within their Colorado community.

The new franchisee is enthusiastic about forming a partnership with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. The goal is to expand and scale the business by introducing FYZICAL's innovative therapies and its Balance Program to the community. The Candidate is eager to benefit from FYZICAL's comprehensive support framework, which is recognized for its industry dominance in terms of depth, experience, and knowledge of the physical therapy sector.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, with over 550 locations globally, specializes in traditional physical therapy services for injury and surgery rehab, along with their proprietary balance therapy program. Established in 2012 by franchise industry veteran Jim Abrams, founder of Ben Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating/Air, and Mr. Sparky Electric, FYZICAL offers the opportunity to own a business in the expanding healthcare field without requiring a background in physical therapy or medicine. The business model is semi-absentee, recession-resistant, involves a low initial investment, requires a low number of employees, and maintains a professional standard.