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Temporary Wall Systems Franchise Finds Great Franchisee in Colorado

Temporary Wall Systems Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate was an excellent match all around for Temporary Wall Systems! With great assistance from the IFPG Consultant, this deal went incredibly smoothly, all in a 35-day process from 1st call to closing and funding!

The new owner is a 20-year Air Force veteran who owns an independent construction business in Colorado Springs. In addition to being a licensed G.C. and professional engineer, he has a facilities background and a true passion for helping veterans find meaningful opportunities in the construction industry. Overall, he is a tremendous culture fit for Temporary Wall Systems and Homefront Brands.

The synergistic fit with his existing handyman business and networked connections in the construction and contracting fields in Colorado Springs partnered with a simple business model really drove the decision to move forward with the Brand. The Candidate was impressed with the thorough process and impressive Meet the Team Day!

FranDevCo & Homefront Brands are thrilled to partner with IFPG in the development of Temporary Wall Systems and the nationwide expansion. FDC works industriously to lift every FranChoice Consultant's sales potential by providing a strong, diverse portfolio of growth brands, greater closing expertise, growth training, and exceptional communication.

Homefront Brands strives to build the world's most responsible franchise platform - inspiring impactful, transformative actions in their Franchise Owners while delivering enterprise-level solutions to local business owners. Temporary Wall Systems continues to show remarkable ramp and payback to Franchise Owners. This first-of-its-kind business model is actually even working to build the books of many Owners with the HFBs Market Introduction Playbook before they officially open! Let's Grow!