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The Ageless Fitness Franchise Secures Their First Location in Florida!

The IFPG Consultant brought Ageless Fitness a franchisee that checked all the boxes and then some. Right from the beginning, Ageless Fitness was an instant match and they shared the same goals and passions with their franchisee.

Their new franchisee in Lee County, Florida was looking for an exercise program that provided a complete program that was made specifically for older adults. They also wanted a franchise that offered a passive income option as they plan for retirement.

"Working with such a unique and special demographic it can be hard to find people who have the same sincere desire to help older adults exercise. The IFPG Consultant understood right away what we were looking for and appreciated our purpose in creating a business to help seniors have a better quality of life through exercise. We are so grateful to be working with IFPG and such a wonderful team of brokers." - Emmanuel Verduzco, Ageless Fitness

Ageless Fitness strives to be a community resource for seniors who are too high risk to attend traditional exercise programs or gyms. Ageless Fitness provides franchisees a complete plan to create a safe clinical and functional fitness program. The program works alongside their client's primary care providers to provide amazing results and to meet their client's fitness goals.

Ageless Fitness offers an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs who are new or experienced in the fitness and health care industry. They offer both active and passive ownership options. With Ageless Fitness, expansion is part of the business plan and an investor can grow their business pretty quickly. With low startup costs, high margins, and excellent support a potential franchisee can be anyone who has a passion for supporting older adults in the community. Their franchise is complementary to all professionals already working with older adults such as home care agencies, assisted living facilities, medical doctors, physical/occupational therapists, chiropractors, gyms, hospitals, and clinics just to name a few. Owner-operators can include people with degrees in kinesiology, sports medicine, nursing, physical/occupational therapy, neurology, and many more healthcare fields. They are the only franchise in the fitness industry whose main focus is people over 55 and people who are at high risk due to health issues, cognitive or physical impairment, and or previous injury.

Congratulations on your first franchise location!