Consultant News

The Dog Stop Franchise is Coming to Chicago, IL!

The IFPG Consultant’s candidate was looking for a semi-absentee model that gave him multiple streams of income.  He instantly loved the concept and the team over at The Dog Stop and was awarded a franchise in Chicago, IL.

This candidate has never worked in a salary-only role. His first job was in direct sales, he had to put up $10K of his own money, then they let him open his own office, and added another office to grow his district. This was when he was in college in the Indianapolis area.        

He was very interested in the pet wellness industry and feels they would perform extremely well in his area of Chicago and more. 

The Dog Stop has established a franchise business model that allows them to give their franchisees the attention they deserve on an ongoing basis, not just during the franchise sales process. In order to provide the most complete franchise service program, The Dog Stop Franchising has assembled a team of executives and management personnel with over 100 years of experience in building and SUPPORTING franchise programs.

Congratulations on a job well done.