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The Dog Wizard Awards Five New Territories in Ohio!

The Dog Wizard Franchise

Congratulations to the IFPG Consultant on a doggone WOPPER! Her Candidate will be opening five territories with The Dog Wizard in Columbus, Ohio. That's a lot of bones to bark about!!! This one took some incredible coaching and skills to get to the finish line, and the IFPG Consultant delivered. Our collaboration was a clincher. 

 Backed by BrandONE and a solid pedigree, the IFPG Consultant Candidate is ready to dig up success in Ohio! She'll leverage her impressive corporate background and leadership skills to launch five new Dog Wizard™ territories in the Columbus area.

 No stranger to driving results, she fostered her leadership skills while climbing the ranks in corporate America. Most recently, she served as CIO of Technology in the financial services industry and prides herself on being a competitive person who is always looking to raise the bar. 

 Others have taken notice of her leadership and influence as well. She was featured in the book Peer Revolution by Christy Uffelman and has also been invited to speak on podcasts, online casts, and at various leadership conferences.  

 Now, the Candidate is assuming a new role: Chief Pawsitivity Officer of her own corporation, Unlimited Pawsibilities. She has ambitions to expand her company to include a full line of services for whole dog care, and The Dog Wizard™ will be the first brand to hit the market!

 "I am thrilled to finally be able to blend my passion and career into one culture and forge a new path in the pet services industry!" she beamed.

 The Dog Wizard™ stands out as a better choice in dog training. Nestled in the burgeoning pet industry, the franchise currently boasts more than 100 locations across the country and a solid reputation as one of the industry's top dogs. 

 Under the BrandONE partnership, the Dog Wizard™ franchise is continually praised for investing heavily in each brand partner by providing proven systems, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. This, combined with the concept's demonstrated approach to dog training, creates an award-winning experience for the entire pack.

 BrandONE knows that this Franchisee will shine with The Dog Wizard™ and is excited to watch her spread the brand's top dog mission in Ohio!