Consultant News

The Garage Force Franchise Awards 5 locations to an IFPG Consultant's Candidate!

Garage Force's new franchisee has started multiple companies and sold them. He loves the home service space and has great resources in his region!

He understands home service and the exciting value of the Garage Force brand! He has a passion for coatings and can see it be utilized in residential, commercial, and new home development opportunities.

"Garage Force offers such a great product. My IFPG Consultant was great! He had great insight to ensure I was investigating what needed to be looked at. You know, something I could possibly miss. Caleb led me through their Discovery Process and loved the transparency." - New Franchisee

"At Garage Force, we are the concrete coating godfathers. We have a simple but effective business model that is easily scaleable!"- Caleb Kenner

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!