Consultant News

The Home Helpers Franchise Is Awarded To An E2 Visa Franchise Candidate!

Home Helpers new franchisee comes to them with a strong entrepreneurial background. He owned and operated a retail company in Argentina! His personal mission to “pay it forward and give back”, along with his strong entrepreneurial background, made him an ideal fit!

Home Helpers 25 years of operation and track record of success initially attracted the Franchisee to the brand. He was in the process of obtaining his E2 Visa and considering the knowledge and familiarity they have in that process, and the success they have had historically navigating through it with candidates, he found them to be the perfect partner for his family.

"Working with him was extremely rewarding because he truly invested in our awarding process, he arrived exactly where he was supposed to arrive," said Clay McKee. "his deal was much larger than the process itself, an entire family has invested in our mission and a partnership that will bring them all an exciting new start here in the states. For me to be a small piece to a puzzle, that as a family they have been working on for years and finally it came together as the most beautiful picture….. is as rewarding as it gets."

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!