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The Home Helpers Franchise Welcomes An IFPG Consultant's Veteran Candidate!

An IFPG Consultant referred the ideal Veteran candidate for the Home Helpers Franchise. He has many years in different leadership positions within the military and is looking to leave his job with the county to focus on growing this business. His fiancé will be starting the business and he will be following up shortly to assist her in growing the Franchise.

He followed every direction Home Helpers gave him and did his due diligence to make sure they had a great partnership. His goal is to get involved in a profit-generating business while providing a service that is compassionate and caring. Home Helpers checked all of those boxes.

"Clay McKee has been wonderful to work with as he uncovered what my questions/concerns were as well as my fiancé's. He wasn't here to sell us anything but make sure that there was a clear partnership." -New Franchisee

This candidate was funded through cash and an SBA Loan via IFPG Vendor Member FranFund.

This is the fastest-growing sector of Healthcare and Home Helpers has been doing this for 25 years. Their Compound Annual Growth Rate over the last 12 years is 12.1%. Hard to find an industry/brand that grows double digits in revenue every year.

Congratulations on a great placement!